We’re concluding our Women of Christmas series with something special. Today we have a crosscast episode, which is just a fancy word that means multiple podcasts joining together for an episode. In this episode I’m joined by 11 fellow female podcasters, each of us sharing about our favorite Woman of Christmas.

I love how we each read the same scripture about these three women, and we each got something different out of it. You’ll love hearing what these women found in common with Mary, Elizabeth, and Anna.

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Special thanks to:

Stephanie Rousselle – host of Gospel Spice Podcast

Meredith Kendall host of Finding Your Purpose Podcast

Magan Martin host of Wrong Kind of Christian Podcast

Sarah Geringer  host of Heart in a Drawer Podcast  

Meg Glesener  host of Letters From Home Podcast  

Val Harrison   host of The Practically Speaking Mom Podcast 

Michelle Watson  host of The Pantry Podcast

Carole Brewer host of Bible Chicks Podcast

Angel McCoy  host of Angel Reads the Bible Podcast  

Marifaith Mueller host of Donuts and Devos

Yvette Walker host of Positively Joy Podcast

All God's Women Women of Christmas with Stephanie Rousselle, Meredith Kendall, Sarah Geringer, Meg Glesener, Val Harrison, Michelle Watson, Carole Brewer, Angel McCoy, Marifaith Mueller, Yvette Walker, Magan Martin

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