I jump on any opportunity to review a new Bible, but at first glance, this Premier Collection Bible seemed fairly unexciting. Nevertheless, I signed up to review it. I am so glad I did!

So many Bibles nowadays are themed with all these extra features packed in, but sometimes you just want a Bible that’s easy to read without a bunch of distractions. This NKJV, Personal Size Large Print Bible is perfect for those occasions. It is a beautiful Bible designed to be treasured and used.


  • NKJV
  • Large print
  • Comfort print
  • Red letter
  • Personal size
  • Goatskin leather


If you’re not familiar with the New King James Version, it’s one of my favorites. It retains the poetic beauty of the KJV but is easy to read and understand. It’s a literal, word-for-word translation with modern language.


The Premier Bible collection features Comfort Print. While I don’t quite understand the technology behind Comfort Print, I can tell a big difference when reading it. According to the Thomas Nelson website, it combines tradition with the best advances in modern typography. “These exclusive fonts assist in a smooth, comfortable reading experience.” All I can tell is the pages are crisp white. The text is black. The letters are spaced far enough apart so they don’t blur together. The font is large, and the text is in two columns without extra notes on the sides. I also like that it’s red letter style. I love having the words of Jesus popping off the page.


This is a personal size Bible. Unlike study Bibles which tend to be hardcover and heavy to hold and carry, this Bible is just the right size to carry to church or take with you wherever you’re headed. You’d expect a large print Bible to be bigger, but because it’s not crammed with extra features, it’s surprisingly lightweight.


The Premier Collection Bibles are high quality Bibles created with an attention to detail including the goatskin leather cover. I’ve heard of goatskin leather but this is my first goatskin Bible. It’s soft, durable, and has a slight grainy feel. When you pick it up, it feels special. While I would personally prefer a more feminine color over the basic brown, the gold lettering and gold edged pages give it an elegant look.

Overall Review

Though I’ve only had this Bible for a week, it’s already taken a place on my shelf next to the door. I carried it to church yesterday and loved being able to read it without glasses or having to hold it close. I found myself sharing it with a few ladies in my class who were saying they didn’t like reading aloud because they found it hard to read Bible text. When I showed it to them, both were asking where they could get a copy.

I’ve also enjoyed reading it at home for those times when I want to read without the distraction of going on a bunch of rabbit trails. Though I’ll still want to use my study Bibles for in-depth studying, this is an ideal go-to Bible for everyday use.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this Bible from the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid. Opinions expressed are my own.

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