I watch a lot of movies, and, unfortunately, after awhile, they start to blend in. They all look alike. Not so with Wild Faith. I first saw the trailer last month and it jumped out as something I wanted to watch, so I was excited when I was invited to watch an early screener.

wild faith 2

Wild Faith is the story of  a Civil War veteran compelled to protect his interracial family despite the efforts of his unforgiving neighbors. The arrival of a traveling circus train incites the most unlikely set of events that will push everyone to the limits. The storyline is original, suspenseful, and slightly edgy. The Christian message is strong, but it doesn’t sugar coat issues of prejudice and hate.

I’m very particular about period movies, but this one passes the test. The wardrobe, sets, story are all appropriate for the time period. I love the town and the circus train. The cinematography is beautiful, especially the drone shots of the countryside.

wild faith 4

With the exception of a couple of weak scenes, the cast is strong. I was especially impressed with the main family members (Shane Hagerdorn, Lisa Lauren Smith, Xylia Jenkins, and Joe Cipriano). They were believable and have family chemistry. Melissa Anschutz and Christine Marie bring depth to their characters. David Gries is a fun villain.

My only complaint, and it’s minor, but the movie is an hour and thirty five minutes, and it should have been about an hour and twenty minutes. In the midst of the suspense, the action is broken up by tender moments, but most of the tender moments could have been condensed considerably. I feel like they were trying to make sure that everyone got the spiritual messages, but as it were, it often felt like sermonizing. But, honestly, even with it dragging a bit, it’s a great movie that will keep you watching until the very end. It’s a movie that will encourage discussion and hopefully be convicting and inspiring.

Wild Faith is screening right now in Michigan and is nominated for four awards at the upcoming International Christian Film Festival. Check it out!

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